Ebook Now Available

Strategic 8-step guidance system for personal vision & goal setting.  


One way to practice self-leadership is to set and pursue a vision for your life that is true, inspired, and rooted in possibility.

The Strategic Self Guidebook offers you help by providing a strategic 8-step guidance system for personal vision & goal setting.

The book features valuable guidance, practical exercises, and mindful reflections to help you:

• Plan for change,

• Look at life as it is right now to determine what needs or needs not to be changed,

• Clarify values to serve as a compass as you move forward,

• Cast vision to focus and direct your energy to the bigger picture,

• Identify gaps between the present and future to set up for successful goal setting,

• Set goals to describe the mighty things you want to accomplish,

• Translate all your hard work into a functional, motivating action plan, 

•Celebrate making anything you want possible!

At best, you walk away with a defined action plan. At least, you get your brain thinking about where you are, where you want to be, and how you might get there. 

Softcover book coming soon.