Meet Katie


Certified coach, goal enthusiast, leadership consultant, good question asker, and even better listener. 

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“But how do you do it? I want to know how to plan further ahead than what time I need to wake up tomorrow.”

As we sit in a local coffee shop, sipping some grape kombucha, chatting about our plans - our big, audacious dreams - my friend interrupts me.

I am eagerly sharing how I'm working toward my own goals - which include drinking 64 ounces of water daily, visiting all 7 continents by my thirty-fifth birthday (only 3 to go!), and taking early retirement with my husband. 

That’s the question she asks.

And her sentiment is not unfamiliar. Maybe you've said it in different words or in different context, but the heart of the matter is the same:

You let things happen more than you make them happen.

You probably have a decently well-paying job, plans with friends on the calendar for the next three months, and family who loves you even when you bring over that big pile of laundry.

You have big ideas and hopes. You want to make money doing the thing you love. You want to own property and travel the world. You want to get rid of that horrible student debt and volunteer your time to your favorite charitable organization.

But you spent another Saturday scrolling Instagram and playing video games. And you just need your daily cuppa joe at that super cute cafe down the street - even if it drains your wallet $4.25 at a time. 

Life is pretty good, yet there’s a knowing deep down in your gut that there could be something more.

Let's say a leader is someone who looks at their world, and says, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” And then does something about it.  

For you, there is a gap between wanting change and the know-how to do something. 

I believe that whatever you want for your life is 110% possible... 

... with the right thinking, tools, and a little bit of elbow grease.

Through personalized coaching programs, an 8-step guidebook, and twice monthly development emails, I help idealists like you dream big and take meaningful action to lead your life - and your world. 

Here, leadership is about personal integrity. It's about how you show up. Meaning, how you line up your values, thoughts, and intentions with your words, actions, and behaviors. It’s the tone you set for your partner, your friends, your team, and your organization.

When you become a powerful leader of your own life, you have greater ability to elevate your world. 

You communicate with greater conviction, share more openly and authentically, attract and maintain deeper relationships, give more generously, have fun solving problems, navigate change with calm wisdom, and make decisions more easily.

I mean, that ☝️ sounds pretty good to me.

You too? 

Sure. That sounds good, Katie. But why work with you?

Truthfully, it comes down to chemistry. There are many skilled and specific coaches out there & you're going to get the greatest return if you match up with someone you feel connected to.

So, here's 10 things to know about me:

Any of this jiving with you?